Saturday, March 12, 2011

You Are the Universe

"The human brain is a universe in itself. Every part of the brain has its connectedness with all the main values which structure the universe."           
   — Maharishi

We are all walking universes.
Our brains, our cells, our DNA, are mirrored in the sun, moon, planets, and stars. This was known in ancient times and it has now been scientifically verified in the discovery of the one-to-one relationship between the fundamental structures and functions of human physiology and the fundamental structures of the cosmos.    

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Human Brain Sensitivity to Orientation in Space

Research in modern science has now confirmed that the brain is highly sensitive to orientation, position, and direction in space. The firing rate of specific neurons in the thalamus changes in proportion to both the angular velocity and the direction in which the head moves. Scientists have shown that the brain can keep
up with the absolute direction in which the head is pointing as the subject moves from place to place. Likewise, neurons in the hippocampus have been found to be sensitive to position (with reference to direction) in space.

One's inherent sense of direction (orientation) and order gets confused in daily life when one lives in a building with wrong orientation, not built according to Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, resulting in physiological, psychological, and behavioural imbalances of all kinds.

The principle of constructing buildings according to the principles of Vastu -- Vedic Architecture -- is borne out by both the ancient Vedic Literature and the modern scientific research on brain functioning, as brought to light by Maharishi, and the scientists working under his guidance.

In addition, it should be noted that the knowledge contained in the Vedic Literature is far more complete, scientific, authentic, and reliable than modern scientific experiments, because modern scientific experiments, through their objective approach, can only account for physical, material values, which do not and can not directly measure the more fundamental performance of intelligence on its own level -- the level of Natural Law -- the level where the holistic value of Natural Law and the specific value of Natural Law function in unison.

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The Effects of Different Entrances

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